Monday, February 22, 2010

One out of Many

So many days have gone.... Every morning I feel I not getting a concrete dream?...Yes I said concrete dream because, I am getting so many dreams these days that as soon as I wake up, the dreams just vanish. Nothing is left in my memory chip. Every moment of that dream just fades away.

But you know whenever I wake up I remember few things.. but most of the things are blurr.....

Few days before I saw my friends throwing flowers on me....(seriously can't find the reason of it). and the flowers were of marigold (genda):-)....I was sitting on a chair ....with my close friend (but I don't remember her face now) and rest of my friends took Genda fuul(marigold) and just showered over me...

The problem is, out of 10 dreams, my mind has deleted the rest and kept this...Well I think my mind and heart liked the concept of showering flowers....;-)