Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pregnancy Time

Pregnancy dreams are the most weird and scary ones for me. More than dream i will call it like a feeling which scared the hell out of me.
during the whole 9 mths of pregnancy i used to feel a thing coming closer to me from behind not only while sleeping but also while lying awake on the bed.

One night at the end of my trimester, I was sleeping in a different room coz i was having a viral fever, without fan or AC..trying hard to sleep. It was 1.00 am in the night, when i heard the loud laugh of a female and at the same time my bed shook terriblly . Instantly I got up and without wearing slippers i just russhed to my room where my hubby was sleeping.

The most scary thing was that lady's laugh..and the bed shake....I still remember that . cant ever forget it.

Can anyone analyse these dreams for me...???

Nightmare After Marriage

Dream goes like this - Once I was watering the plants and suddenly I saw a big snake getting inside the pipe through which i was watering. I was afraid and called my FIL to help. He took one utensil and hit the snake. Surprisingly he ate the utensil and by swallowing it he died....(sounds funny). We being the killers decided to hide the snake. We threw it at our neighbours home in a bag. Next morning we saw a huge crowd in their garden. We went near the spot and were shocked seeing that their were lots of insects eating flesh of snake's stomach. And you kn what happened then, we saw the same utensil inside its stomach on which our surname was written.

I take this as moral lesson that truth can never be hidden...wats say guys???? I called it as the "nightmare after marriage" because it came after marriage...:-) I dont understand the reason behind this also.

ChildHood Dreams

In my early childhood days, I regularly got this dream. There was one big hall with high roof and mettallic walls. there was no one in that huge hall except me. I always saw myself going up towards the roof. Though now i dont rememeber my feelings which I felt that time. Whether I was happy going up in air and being there and realising no way of coming back;or, I wanted to cry out for help but no one seemed to hear my cry.

One more I remember: I saw myself in a laboratory and there was something which was chasing me and i was hiding myself from him.

Though its past but still it sometimes make me feel why i got those....can anyone analyse these dreams of mine...........