Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pregnancy Time

Pregnancy dreams are the most weird and scary ones for me. More than dream i will call it like a feeling which scared the hell out of me.
during the whole 9 mths of pregnancy i used to feel a thing coming closer to me from behind not only while sleeping but also while lying awake on the bed.

One night at the end of my trimester, I was sleeping in a different room coz i was having a viral fever, without fan or AC..trying hard to sleep. It was 1.00 am in the night, when i heard the loud laugh of a female and at the same time my bed shook terriblly . Instantly I got up and without wearing slippers i just russhed to my room where my hubby was sleeping.

The most scary thing was that lady's laugh..and the bed shake....I still remember that . cant ever forget it.

Can anyone analyse these dreams for me...???


  1. You are dealing with one of my favorite topics. I've been journaling dreams for a long time. Here's my shot at interpreting yours.

    The thing coming closer to you is the baby. The laughter may be coming from the you before the baby or perhaps another female who is laughing at you to make fun you and you are perhaps fearful that your husband may no longer be attracted to you or may find attraction in another person. You run to check on him to be sure he is still there. The shaking bed is a wake-up call to you in a sense, to bring all of this to your attention.

    I think there is probably nothing to fear but the fear itself as the old saying goes. Just be confident and be the best mother and wife you can be.

    My interpretation. I will also be doing so posts about dream occasionally -- check out the one I did on this past Friday.

    I will follow your blog to read more of your dreams and I hope you will follow mine as well.
    Good luck with your blog!

  2. hello...thnx for analysing my dream..i questioned myself many time y it came to me...but ur views on it may be quiet true to some extent.
    May be deep within my heart there was a giving a birth to a baby is second life for a woman. there are lot of questions going in her mind...coz of which i got that dream...
    by ur interpretation i can say that every dream might have certain reasons for it..i would like u to analyse other dreams of mine too...
    and, i will surely follow ur blogs and u also keep giving me ur inputs and responses to my posts...

  3. Ohhh as i read the post and was about to leave a comment i noticed that someone else has already left all my thoughts exactly :(...
    Hmm anyways you are soo true in saying that giving birth to a baby is second life for a woman.Soo Truee!!!