Friday, January 8, 2010

Foresight Of baby

I was 7 mths pregnant when I got this dream....

.......I was sleeping on my bed and without any help, I delivered a baby boy in the day time. we both were fit and fine...within minutes my son grew up big and sat straight on the bed like a baby of 5-6 mths....and he suddenly started demanding mobile...:-)
By chance I had a dummy mobile and i gave it to him. But he knew it and started tapping his legs inorder to get the real one...and everyone laughed at the situation....thinking wat a boy he is....:-)
Note: I got a boy. He is fond of mobiles.


  1. :) i enjoyed reading ur dreams..

    i too used to have funny strange wierd scary dreams.. not just during pregnancy but alll thru my life.. i am a dreamer!!!! if i am to write down all the dreams i will have minimum 3 a day.. i used to write them down too.. but too tough to write so many !! but u keep writing.. its fun.. and sometimes we also realize that sometimes our dreams have something to do with reality too.. and then.. its interesting.. at times while reading them again after a period of time.. we would never believe that it was our dream!! now one problem with my dreams is that its like water under sun.. they just evaporate leaving no clue by the evening..! and then when i go back to bed.. and rest my head on my pillow.. the dreams of the previous times wake and say hi.. and thats when i remember those dreams again.. but they just vanish into air like smoke! :)

  2. @SB - You are true dear. I too get lots of dreams..but most of the time i forget them or sometimes if I remember then I remember them in bits. These are my dreams which I have been printed in my mind forever...there are many more...but will let you know later...
    And yes thanx for visiting my blog....i hope you continue reading them and shring your views on them...thnx again

  3. hmm..modern day dream dynamics.

    I once dreamed of compiling Google Source code.
    Nope! I was not pregnant.
    thanks for asking!

  4. @Sorc - wat hapnd in reality....

  5. Hey first time here.Well the concept of this blog is very interesting and funny. Though im not good at analysing dreams, I love reading about them. I have gone through all your posts and I’m love to tell you that you write soo well.
    Well about this post, I can say that you had a sixth sense at that time. Your post reminded me of my elder sister. When she was pregnant, even she used to tell about her dreams of a sober and calm child. But you know that little sweet child, she turned a dare devil now :D
    Looking forward to come here regularly and enjoy your weirdest dreams. :D