Monday, February 22, 2010

One out of Many

So many days have gone.... Every morning I feel I not getting a concrete dream?...Yes I said concrete dream because, I am getting so many dreams these days that as soon as I wake up, the dreams just vanish. Nothing is left in my memory chip. Every moment of that dream just fades away.

But you know whenever I wake up I remember few things.. but most of the things are blurr.....

Few days before I saw my friends throwing flowers on me....(seriously can't find the reason of it). and the flowers were of marigold (genda):-)....I was sitting on a chair ....with my close friend (but I don't remember her face now) and rest of my friends took Genda fuul(marigold) and just showered over me...

The problem is, out of 10 dreams, my mind has deleted the rest and kept this...Well I think my mind and heart liked the concept of showering flowers....;-)


  1. So glad you have posted again. Here is my take on the topic:

    Recording dreams requires time and self-training. It's difficult to do if you are not able to set aside time immediately after waking to recall and record the dream. If you wait then the forgetfulness as you describe will set in.
    What works for me is if I awaken with my dream before I have any distractions and then focus on remembering the dream and write down what I remember.
    Part of the problem with the dreams is that they are usually so weird and illogical that they are quickly forgotten because there is no logical context for them. What I do is try to structure my memory into a story or a logical sequence and try to understand what the imagery may have meant to my mind.
    Focus while the dream is fresh, recreating and interpreting in your mind, and then write down the memory in a way that you will clearly understand when the dream memory is no longer fresh. It takes time and practice to do it well and in depth.
    Good luck.

  2. @ AB - Thnx a lot for your helpful suggestion..i will definitely try out this method....

  3. even i can't remember most of my dreams except the odd scene here or u aren't alone in this! ;)

  4. @BE - oh! nice to kn that i m nt the only one..hahaha....well it hapns with most of us...but i alws want to recollect all the story..and i like linking every bits of it...

  5. Rohini,

    Here I am. Read all current posts. I feel dreams are based on what we have in our sub-concious mind when we drift off to sleep. We may not be aware of it but it does come as a dream, may be in a different format, like truth can not be hidden. Best dreams are which you enjoy but forget once you are up. Enjoy your dreams. Share some more.

    Take care

  6. @jack Sir - Definitely would share more....

  7. Rohini,

    Read 2 posts but I am unable to post comments in your other space. Please check what is keeping it that way.

    Take care

  8. @ Jack - today ,..i too found the error...just checking it out sir...but dnt understnd the prob...may be with the template..

  9. i agree with Lee.. i had the habit of writing down my dreams in a book.. i'd say its very intersting.. stopped it now caz i dream a lot !! u wont believe it!! :) and i love my dreams.. they entertain me even in sleep!

    now showering flowers.. may be something good is gonna happen to u soon.. could be some blessings.. like a new job, or a child ! :) good that u were seated in a chair.. and not sleeping, else it would mean something else too :) kidding ok? :)

    take care.. but dont forget to dream !!

  10. guess you want to be centre of happiness and celebrations..! like I said in the previous post dreams are interlink between experiences, thoughts and wishes..! what you fear, want, desire, hope for, etc etc are created, weaved into dreams! some we remember most we don't- bits- pieces and sometime in whole :)

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