Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ChildHood Dreams

In my early childhood days, I regularly got this dream. There was one big hall with high roof and mettallic walls. there was no one in that huge hall except me. I always saw myself going up towards the roof. Though now i dont rememeber my feelings which I felt that time. Whether I was happy going up in air and being there and realising no way of coming back;or, I wanted to cry out for help but no one seemed to hear my cry.

One more I remember: I saw myself in a laboratory and there was something which was chasing me and i was hiding myself from him.

Though its past but still it sometimes make me feel why i got those....can anyone analyse these dreams of mine...........


  1. this is strange WOW, I used to get dreams of falling down from a tall building.

    I suppose the first dream is about feeling that you are not able to take control over the situation, and you feel paralyzed and helpless. suggestive of your insecurities.

    second is clearly about running away from a problem if I may say so.

    But the good thing is that, there are many who get similar dreams. Pretty normal for people who think a lot.

    It's like our own monsters in the closets, to get rid of them we face em in our dreams. My bet is (although baseless scientifically) mind tries to simulate a problem into a dream to help us solve it.

  2. thnx C - well i too believe that dreams help us solve the prob...but cant understnd wat's the consciously I never think all this....

  3. In our Childhood we see lots of dreams that we will do this , we will make this and so on....

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