Monday, March 15, 2010

Two dreams Looped......

Yesterday was an exciting night for me. Don’t dare ask me Why? coz answering this would make you all consider me mad.

I, at the age of 28, was a new student in the Pre-Primary School. I was damn excited to enter the new building, and a new class. Entering my class room I was filled with joy as I could see lots of students studying and I was the senior amongst them in age.:-)…it dint matter to me though. I took one chair in the front row and was thrilled to meet my new teacher. He entered the room, and introduced himself to his lovely students and started taking introduction of us…myself being the aged of all…gave him the first…..

My partner whose age was about 3 yrs started fighting with his brother who was sitting just behind him…I grew irritated with this fight and stood up and ordered that teacher of our class to make them sit separately ( I think my teacher spirit rose that time). This was the end of my first dream logically….but somehow another dream entered…..which was more unique….Could you believe Ravana, yes of Ramayan….in Pant and Shirt…well I saw him (in my dream and was looking good…he had a magician at his palace….he had a broom, on which a witch is used to have a flight….

But this time I saw him flying on it. The magician asked, “sir, where are going”?? Ravana replied…"nothing good is happening so I am going to kill an animal and offer it to a deity”……Magician was confused..and he asked again, “…but sir, we have two elephants, why are you going out to search the new then”…Ravana replied…’No. I can’t kill them. I have adopted them”. And he flies……….

I think the first purely came to me coz I come from education industry...Second,may be the politicians who are today's Ravanas in shirt and pants......what say???


  1. taking Masters in dreams? i have a doctrate in dreaming!! :) hey by the way.. nice to see u in the pic :)now we see the dreams and the dreamer too..

    so u dreamt twins!! soo funny dreams dear.. its nice to dream funny.. :) ravana in shirt n pants.. thats the guy with 10 heads right? he had the same face on all the ten heads in ur dream?

    nice to read that u ordered ur teacher to separate the students who were fighting!! :) cant stop laughing!

    dream more ok ? .. :)

  2. freud..where r u? hey jokes apart, thanks ya friend 4 passing by..and yr motivating comment..v sure will stay connected. best wishes always..

  3. haha..I occasionally dream about my school days.
    seems like its universe way of saying "You need to be educated"
    who knows

  4. I too often dream about being in school, but at my present age among students who are younger than I. The fact that you are taking charge seems to indicate that you no longer accept the student role in the age context.
    I cannot relate to the second dream so I'm sure what to say about it.
    I like the way you've presented the dream accounts. The writing style is interesting.

  5. @ Sindhu - So this is Dr Sindhu...:-) Yes he had ten heades but a very vague face....i kn that the dream was quite funny...and i swear i will nt stop dreaming...after all i too have to get the Dr's title ..u c...

    @R.Ramesh - I Welcome U here, and yes sure we are having the one and only connection ie...Blogtel...

    @ Sorc - Yes amn u r rite...i think few chapters i missed that again going back.....may be one day i will kn wat was that....:-)

    @ AB- Thnx for finding the posts interesting...and i like when you provide ur views on it....

  6. hmmm.....nice to get two dreams in 1 can u rembr it word by word...good memory u have...atleast dream memory..hihi

  7. @ BS - sometimes we rem man....

  8. try something called lucid dreaming...since dreams interest you, you should

  9. wow.. that was interesting.. I normally can't at all remember my dreams when I wake up.. then there's my roomie who'll stop the dream when she'd wake up and the resume it again from the same point when she goes to sleep.. sounds fishy I knw, bt she'll narrate everything o.O

    cool blog btw, I don't think I've read about anyone's dreams so extensively anywhere else :) keep up the good work!

  10. @ Nalini Mam - hmm...but how to dream about it?? we dont have controls on our we??

  11. Hahaa I enjoyed reading...It is hard for me to recollect night dreams. Ravana-politicians, I liked the analogy, perfecto!

  12. hahahahaha...u dream about ravan? lol

  13. I jus dropped by from one of the link on my frns comments.

    I read a few of your dream posts, some are interesting a some are really weird... hehe

  14. Rohini,

    I still find it difficult to stop chuckling. So this followed market strategy buy one get one free. In the past couple of days or so before these dreams did you speak about your early education to anyone? I agree with you on surmise of second one totally. Was there any difficulty with some government official recently? Enjoy your dreams and let us too.

    Take care

  15. @Karan - welcome here, and thnx for liking it....

    @BE - Ravan was one of many .....:-)

    @ Dudo - welcome here...enjoy the mix of both in dreams...

    @ Jack sir - i think the education part totally because everyday i go to school and have to tackle the naughty students...another one, i dnt think there was any issue with nay of the govt officials....

    @ all - trhnx for liking and reading the dreams....u too all share some with us.....thnx

  16. Hi! Rohini,

    Dreams are sometimes weird and sometimes sooo beautiful that we wish it was true, some dreams leave a faint image, while some dreams are vivid, people who dream are better than people who never dream, and when one remebers those dreams it becomes even better, so u - a person who remebers those dreams and shares them is really coool ...thanks

  17. @ RD - thnks for visiting the blog....and for ur comments to...wish to see u here more often...

  18. Hey I miss my school life, the little fights, smell of new text books...

  19. @ Jon - hey i to miss thise days....and i too enjoyed smelling my new txt book and copies.....but i dnt miss fights..infact i never had it with any...:-)
    and yes thnx for visiting...hope to see u agn...