Wednesday, April 7, 2010

dream about food, college...........

I got this beautiful dream (I call it beautiful, coz I feel it was).

I was sitting in a restaurant calling waiter but he dint seem to listen my call. I had a plate in front of me but no food in it… suddenly I saw myself in a cinema hall, watching one movie(don’t know which)with my kid, Neil...but in a few seconds I saw myself leaving the hall…going downstairs…and couldn’t see Neil with me…

In a while I saw myself going in my college(probably that was the reason I couldn’t see my son with me)…I was anxious on meeting my college friends and my lecturers. ….you know, I also had a list of teachers to meet…and I was cross checking through it…:-) But out of all lecturers I could meet only one…:-(

………………..Dream Over

All those I saw in my dream, never saw their faces in reality….but in dream I was very nostalgic and happy in meeting them…

I seriously think that there were some lessons which I was not told in my college days….Y do I have to attend them in my dreams then? and who is so excited to meet one's lecturers??????..............


  1. Rohini,

    3 different settings in one dream. You must have been remembering something which made you think of all these before drifting off to sleep. Enjoy dreams.

    Take care

  2. Hi! Rohini,
    r these posts really dreams of urs , and u do remember them??
    cooool...anyway college days are something which we dream of always...not only in sleep eh!

  3. ur dreams r always very intrstng......keep on dreaming.....nd posting ur dreams....t.c

  4. @ Walk - i saw ur comment first time here ,,, thnx for finding my dreams interesting...but i enjoy it every i do share....
    hope ur next visit

    @ RD - there are many things i rem....many things i forget....
    u kn when there was a terror attack in mumbai...and the way commandos got down frm the helicopter in that Nariman pt building....the same i saw in my dream ...just the building was my house....but that time i wasnt blogging otherwise i would have stated it tooo....
    all these dreams are mine and i do see all these things...there is one dream ,,i dnt kn whether u have read it or nt..the dream of snake...(,,,i literally saw a plot of movie....when u will read u will understnd...:-)
    anyways college days i suppose i miss subconsciously so i dream it a lot....thnx

    @ Jack Sir - Sir there's no reference i could find for these dreams...i m just enjoying them....thnx

  5. Wow..It is interesting that you got dreams about your lecturers..I usually forget my dream as soon as I wake up..
    First time here, nice post..Keep blogging..

  6. @ Netha - welcome here...i too forget my most of the dreams..but somtimes my i dont ... and all those i mention out here....thnx for following...see

  7. walk was me.....yes me....B.S walks

  8. @ BS - u came here walking......

  9. well nice to post your dreams.... i never remember my dreams... but i have some faint memory and it is mostly about my family... do keep checking my blog.....

  10. @ Ganapati - thnx for ur visit....hope u too keep checking my dreams and analysing them....

  11. i am trying to post my comment on your blog but unable to do so.

  12. @ Anju Gandhi - i think now there is no prob....

  13. :) those were nice.. atleast pleasant ones that made u happy..

  14. And now I know your weird dreams.. not weirdest though.. lol

  15. @ Sb - u r rigth

    @ Rajat - :-) thnx for ur comment..

  16. This is my first visit to your blog... Really great idea.. Your dreams are very nice,the way you present it in words is fantastic...